Professional Development

I’ve been feeling stuck in abstraction, too removed from what often feels like “real” work—partly just from being in grad school, partly from the incredibleRead More

AERA 2018

Long but exciting week at the AERA conference in NYC. I’ve had a cold for the last several weeks so I didn’t see as muchRead More

Diane Ravitch

Heard Diane Ravitch speak at Vanderbilt yesterday. As usual, I was impressed with her work and found myself agreeing with most everything she discussed. TheRead More

Reliable Circumstances

Last week the University of Rochester announced a very interesting update to the famous “Marshmallow Study”. In the original study, children were put in aRead More

Here I post my latest education-related observations and interests. Have a news article or a book you think I should hear about? Drop me aRead More

“Flipping” the classroom

Thanks to myriad online resources such as Khan Academy and ever-simpler ways to digitize everything, classroom teachers are increasingly able to integrate technology into theirRead More

The End of Spring!

Spring is winding down and I’m starting to get requests for summer work, particularly test prep. This is a great season to start looking intoRead More