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ADD research

After hearing Dr. Gabor Maté interviewed on NPR recently, I immediately picked up his book “Scattered“, which has quickly become one of my favorite books on ADD. In addition to discussing some of the neurobiology (Dr. Maté claims that ADD is a miscalibration of the dopamine-receptor system due to stress in early childhood), the book gives clear importance to the emotional context within which the ADD child functions and develops. Most importantly, perhaps, he re-frames ADD in terms of development. “Attention Deficit”, he claims, is not a static disorder, but a sign that the development of the individual has been arrested. From that perspective, he provides insight into how to help continue that development, particularly in the context of emotionally supportive relationships.

SAT dates – 2011/2012 school year

Many families are thinking about SAT registration for this year, so here is some really basic information. Registration for SAT dates is ongoing. Happily, the College Board has put up a list of dates, as well as registration deadlines.

(here is the link to SAT dates) 

They’ve also provided some  helpful information about choosing when to take the test, as well as how many times. As always, I am happy to consult on these decisions, and can provide you with some more personal recommendations based on school and sports schedules as well as initial practice test scores and improvement goals.