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The End of Spring!

Spring is winding down and I’m starting to get requests for summer work, particularly test prep. This is a great season to start looking into ISEE and SAT work, particularly if you’re concerned that test preparation might get in the way of regular academics. If you’re considering a test prep course over the summer, drop me a line and we can begin working out a schedule!

SAT dates – 2011/2012 school year

Many families are thinking about SAT registration for this year, so here is some really basic information. Registration for SAT dates is ongoing. Happily, the College Board has put up a list of dates, as well as registration deadlines.

(here is the link to SAT dates) 

They’ve also provided some  helpful information about choosing when to take the test, as well as how many times. As always, I am happy to consult on these decisions, and can provide you with some more personal recommendations based on school and sports schedules as well as initial practice test scores and improvement goals.