Academic Mentoring

Continuity, personal attention, and adaptive guidance are important throughout a student’s educational experience.

Usually these needs are addressed ad hoc by a combination of parents, peers, teachers, and other school staff, but sometimes that ad hoc system isn’t enough. By forging an academic mentoring relationship with a student, I can provide a consistent source to go to with academic concerns, whether they stem from diagnosed learning challenges, developmental difficulties, discontinuity (from moving, family changes, or changing schools or teachers), or a student’s general lack of motivation with regards to academics. Academic mentoring usually includes other services such as subject tutoring or test prep, though the focus is on building long-term relationships and continuity.

I have worked with students diagnosed with learning challenges such as ADD/ADHD, NLD, and Dyslexia, as well as students who have simply tried traditional tutoring to no avail. I have also worked to supplement the academic experience for students described as “really bright” kids whose grades simply don’t reflect their apparent potential, or kids who get great grades, but feel there’s simply something missing from traditional schooling.

Particularly for mentoring students, I work on a per-term basis, as regularity of meetings is essential for building these relationships. If you think your student may be a candidate for academic mentoring, I encourage you to contact me. I am happy to tell you more about my services via email or on the phone. I also offer in-person consultation sessions for both students and parents, free of charge.